Graduate Fashion Week Goes Global

Yao Yao

Yao Yao Donghua University College of Fashion and Design

Every year we send photographers to Graduate Fashion Week (GFW) and without fail they come back with images of designs that show just how robust and exciting the emerging fashion industry is in the UK. Innovative processes and techniques, beautiful aesthetics, bold use of colour, creative prints, tradition explored or turned on its head – it’s a true fiesta of fashion (take a look at our Instagram circa June this year to see what we mean). So, given the excitement that always heralds the arrival of GFW it’s great news to hear that the UK based institution is expanding.

Halina North

Halina North Edinburgh College of Art

For 2017, Graduate Fashion Week has announced a partnership with Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD), the region’s progressive fashion platform. The partnership is materialising via FFWD’s “Fashion Future,” a showcase made up of a curated selection of graduates’ collections from top fashion schools across the globe. This year, GFW will be represented by thirteen graduates from its UK and international member universities from as far as Italy, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, China, Japan and India. The list includes Sarah-Louise Francis from Salford Uni and Claire Tagg from UCA Rochester (full list below). Sarah Louise Francis

Sarah-Louise Francis, Salford University

GFW represents 36 UK universities and 32 international universities and plays a key role in supporting the next generation of design talent – its achievements have inspired the graduate competition we plan to launch once our crowdfunding campaign is complete. So, it’s fantastic to see the organisation expanding across borders and spreading the message that graduate fashion is where it’s at.

Claire Tagg

Claire Tagg

Arts University Bournemouth, UK – Daniel Rynne – Winner of 2017 Debenhams Menswear Awar

De Montfort University Leicester, UK – Abisola Akanni – Finalist for Best of GFW

Edinburgh College of Art, UK – Halina North – Winner of Christopher Bailey Gold

Award and Hilary Alexander Trailblazer Award

Edinburgh College of Art, UK – Irene D’Antonio – Winner of the M&S Womenswear


Edinburgh College of Art, UK – Ruth Williams – Winner of the Visionary Knitwear Award

Manchester School of Art, UK – Susan Forrest – Finalist for Best of GFW

Salford University, UK – Sarah-Louise Francis – Finalist for Best of GFW

UCA Rochester, UK – Claire Tagg – Finalist for Best of GFW

Academy Of Design, Sri Lanka – Thamali Dharmawardena – Finalist for International

Catwalk Comp

Accademia Costume e Moda, Italy – Diana Aparo – Finalist for International Catwalk


Bunka Fashion College, Japan – Yu Liang – Finalist for International Catwalk Comp

Donghua University College of Fashion and Design, China – Yao Yao – Finalist for

International Catwalk Comp

Shin Chien University, Taiwan – Po-Chieh Chiu – Winner for International Catwalk Competition