My Clothes Do Not Determine My Consent

Eleanor Bandey Slogan Pants

Eleanor Bandey slogan pants

Fashion is a powerful force but it’s not often that you see designers using it to send a message or generate real change. That’s why when we saw these Eleanor Bandey slogan pants on Instagram we had to write something about them.

Harvey Weinstein (et al), allegations against certain fashion photographers and the most recent toe-curlingly awful scandal surrounding the all-men ‘charity night’ The Presidents Club don’t exactly paint the picture of modern equality. Abusive paternalistic practices are sadly going strong. At the heart of it all is the issue of consent – which should be so simple. The right to say no, the right to say no even if you said yes 5 minutes ago and the fact that what you’re wearing (or not wearing) isn’t a consent alternative. And yet we still hear (even in 2018) comments like “what did she expect when she was dressed like that.”

So, Eleanor Bandey’s designs are timely. The DMU fashion graduate says, “Feminism is a big part my life and women everywhere nowadays. Women supporting and standing together is the most powerful action… I created my empowered slogan underwear as part of the styling for my Graduate collection… A political statement on paper is important, but a political statement on your body, is powerful.”

We’d like to hope that one day it won’t be necessary to have to explain consent, on your pants or via any other medium. For now though graduates like Eleanor are providing some timely illustration of what a powerful political force fashion can be.

By Alex Pett

Eleanor Bandey graduate collection

Eleanor Bandey’s 2017 graduate collection (shot for us by Maps Studios)