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Shahar Avnet SS18

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Shahar Avnet stormed on to our radar during Graduate Fashion Week 2017 when her voluminous, ultra feminine creations got everyone’s pulses racing. It wasn’t just the creativity and boldness in each of the pieces that made us curious about the designer but also the joy on the faces of the models in them. If fashion is about wearing what makes you feel ah-may-zing then Shahar won Graduate Fashion Week hands down. So, we decided to interview her and find out what inspired the daring designs.

Shahar Avnet

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 Shahar Avnet

Shahar Avnet

Fresh from Shenkar College, 29 year old Israeli born Shahar is blending the boundaries between art and life. Her work stands out for its extravagant colours, intricate embroideries and contemporary silhouettes, which together create a juxtaposition of elegant haute couture and modernist design. Her pieces are unleashed and exciting – so how did the designs come about?

Shahar Avnet Dreams and Fears

Shahar Avnet My Dreams and Fears are Big (3)

Shahar’s early life had a significant influence on the decision to later study fashion, “When I was 15 my Grandmother taught me how to knit. While knitting my first scarf I had to pick a new colour to replace the Bordeaux wool that ran out. Imagining what the finished scarf would look like I realised I could make that into reality. I fell in love with that sensation and that’s when I decided I would become a fashion designer.”

With an inspo dream team that includes Viktor&Rolf, Josep Font, Alessandro Michele and Rey Kawakubo it’s perhaps not surprising that Shahar has gone on to create such iconic looks – which are intricately beautiful but with a certain naivety. Each piece she creates is designed to be a visual expression of her feelings and emotions – these designs are a whole body experience.

Shahar Avnet The Women In My Life

Shahar Avnet The Women In My Life (4)

“My designs are components of different journeys I have gone through or am currently going through,” says Shahar, “With each journey, what I decide to unfold and plunge into is what gives birth to a new collection. In my design process I create a visual through intuitive drawing, collages and written words, using versatile materials, which express my own different feelings. My illustrations and drawings are part of who I am, therefore they will always be part of my designs.” The result is a style that is a rich mix of different dimensions, which are brought to life via intricate and colourful embroidery on soft, elegant tulle.

Shahar Avnet Instagram Coat

Shahar Avnet Instagram Coat

Social media and especially Instagram have become a powerful platform to showcase both established designers and new talent during fashion week – at The Glass Pineapple we know that as much as anyone. Demonstrating the connected and aware nature of her aesthetic, Shahar used the burgeoning prominence of the online world in some of her first designs, “My Instagram coat was an expression of the visual journey I went through in life, reflected through Instagram photos, functioning as a kind of personal journal.”

Shahar Avnet SS18

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Shahar’s previous collections ‘The WOMEN in my life’ and ‘My DREAMS & FEARS are big’ use what is becoming a signature design technique for her, which combines fine fabrics, fashion illustration and embellishments. These earlier pieces have provided the prequel to the SHAHAR AVNET brand, which launches in September with an SS18 collection. The line for sale is designed to be ready to wear but has been crafted with haute couture techniques for depth and quality. “I would not describe the pieces as relaxed,” says the designer, “but they are very wearable and comfortable for a woman to work into her wardrobe.“Shahar Avnet SS18

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The SS18 line employs a balance of soft and strong shades – a playful mint green against a pale grey – both muted, pastel colours and vivid colours. Combined with delicate neon embroideries and inventive silhouettes the overall effect is an ideal mix of feminine and bold, with a focus on the details, such as a sharp collar or ladylike buttons. And the inspiration behind it? “It is called INSANITY ANXIETY, there is no darkness without light. No noise without silence. I am me, with all the complexity. As I have in the past, I continue to explore strong colours, extreme silhouettes and volumes as well as hand stitched embroideries and traditional sewing techniques.”

As we do with all the designers we interview, we asked Shahar who it is her clothes are designed for. She told us, “A woman who loves herself. Who wants people to notice her and smile when she walks into a room. She is brave, confident, sexy and not afraid to say it out-loud.” If that’s you then Shahar Avnet might be your most exciting fashion find yet.

Shahar Avnet

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 By Lauren Estill and The Glass Pineapple


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Photographer: Daniel Jackont

Art Director: Mor Pozniak


Netta Szekely for MAC

Model: Ayala Fischer


Photographer: Kerry Curl

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Photographer: Danna Wexler

Hair&Makeup: Netta Szekely for MAC

Model: May Bar- Levav


Photographer: Danna Wexler

Hair&Makeup: Netta Szekely for MAC

Model: Svetlana Dakina for MC2


Photographer: Michal Chelbin

Make up artist: Netta Szekely for MAC

Models: Monica Joseph (L), Samia Muhammad (R)