Agne Kuzmickaite SS19 London Fashion Week

Lithuanian fashion designer Agne Kuzmickaite is renowned for her practical pieces that beautifully marry function with fashion. She derives inspiration from common objects and cultural signs to create clothing for strong, busy women who play multiple different roles in society, but wish to still look like a ‘daily princess.’

Kuzmickaite’s signature butterfly insignia led her to a collection themed around reflection called ‘Self Realization.’ The presentation format was intriguing, with models standing either side of a mimed mirror, aping each other’s poses and movements symmetrically.

“The concept of self realisation will be expressed in the collection using bold letters and contrasting texts breaking the harmony of symmetrical rhythm of butterflies, which is my signature trademark. Butterflies also change their decorative function becoming the constructional basis of the collection - changing its’ shape to become a dress, a skirt, a collar of a shirt or a pattern of a trench coat. “ - Agne Kuzmickaite for Fashion Scout.

The butterfly motif print decked out knickers, t-shirts, coats and a stunning black cocktail dress in 3D form. A 90’s vibe also dictated Spring/Summer ’19 for the emerging brand, with bucket hats, high cut swimsuits and slick back hair. Neon pink and yellow also punctuated the otherwise minimal, monochrome collection. Overall, Kuzmickaite offered up a well rounded and authentically wearable collection for her first formal season in London, a city which hopes to welcome her refreshing approach again next year.

By Ruth MacGilp. Images shot for us by Michael Morgan.