Simon Mo SS19 London Fashion Week

"Seas the Day" was the title of Simon Mo's latest collection, the intention being to raise awareness of the damage humans cause to the oceans. Mo grew up on the island of Malaysia, so this is a cause close to his heart. He said: “I love diving, but I’ve seen a lot of pollution and it’s killing our sea creatures. It’s such a terrible thing: all the fish and turtles being killed by plastic, so nowadays a lot of countries are banning the use of single time plastics, like forks and straws. It seems far away from fashion, but this is my vision. We all love the ocean, but we live in the city, so we ignore our daily behaviour and how it effects the whole world.”

With inspiration from the story of Sinbad the Sailor, the SS19 collection showcased the designer’s admiration of the sea, and the immense power it holds. The obvious choice would have been to create looks with a strong nautical theme, but Mo took a more conceptual approach. Billowing pleats and blue mesh fabrics represented waves, and muted tones of blues, greens, greys and navy kept the marine theme running throughout. Touches of neon served to highlight the nautical colour scheme. Models were styled with ribbon pleats in bright pink, yellow, green and blue, with matching bright earrings. Eye makeup also followed the neon theme, showcasing exactly how to wear bold colours and a muted palette simultaneously.

Many of the styles were inspired by traditional fishermen's garb, Mac coats featured for men and women, plaid shirts were re-imagined as contemporary dresses and culottes, and bucket hats were modernised with clear eyeholes. Despite its humble inspiration, this was not a collection without luxury. Opulent maroon velvet featured prominently, while chic tailoring kept the looks high-end. Mo has the unique ability to create a collection that tells a story yet is ultimately wearable. Seas the Day is a capsule collection of designs perfect for a summer trip by the ocean.

By Alice Cruickshank.