Starsica SS19 London Fashion Week

“What if, the beautiful memories of the past which allowed me to be who I am today, are actually the outcome of manipulated evidence?” Designer Ike Seungik Lee’s vision for Starsica SS19 was based on how experiences shape our reality. Searching for the truth within our memories, various different objects and experiences were gathered together in a ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’; the surreal show began with a girl waking, alone, in a tropical rain forest. She was led by a strange masked crowd to a cocktail party, where she witnessed strange happenings. From there, Seungik Lee’s conceptual narrative gave an intriguing take on the concept of reality vs perception, and how our memories affect this.

Seungik Lee trained as a sculptor, and has again demonstrated his skills in Starsica’s latest highly wearable yet conceptual collection; SS19 gave us more of the designer’s signature experimental approach to fashion with a narrative laced in fantastical imagery.

To the hypnotic soundtrack of cool jazz, models in Starsica’s surreal cocktail party sported exaggerated silhouettes in wool gabardine and sculptural plastic-coated textiles. Infusing the concept with playfulness, Seungik Lee utilised soft transparencies and delicate fabrics styled with bold sculptural looks in relief to both complement and shock; a pencil skirt in caramel wool gabardine was embellished with an oversized 3-dimensional star; the same caramel tones were echoed in a unique take on a scalloped edge to outline the contours of a fitted frock, a silhouette that was later repeated in shocking yellow striped plastic. Combining elements of flowing fabric as well as structured styles, the designer infused the concept with his signature playfulness.

The dreamlike narrative was illustrated throughout the collection; a cocktail party parade, a mysterious library, and finally the manipulated evidence and broken memories. Soft elements combined with hard; structured dresses boasted sculptural sleeves, and an asymmetric pyjama jacket was styled with tactile fluffy shorts. A flared a-line dress in mint green both revealed and concealed the body in structured organza.

As always, SS19 was full of dramatic flair and an extensive colour palette of tart greens, mint, reinterpreted nudes, butterscotch, demonic prints with fuchsia accents, teal, turquoise, ice cream hues, moody blues, soft lilacs and siren red. This was together with a glorious hot pink and turquoise rose print that featured on a waisted coat paired with a cobalt blue striped skirt. Each piece was embellished with trademark flounces, statement sleeves, and unmistakable illustrations. Starsica’s latest offering was the very definition of whimsical maximalism, a visual representation of Seungik Lee’s unique fashion monologue.

By Lucie Dhog. Images shot for us by Hannah Gordon-Smith.