Five Emerging Designer Buys

The Glass Pineapple exists to connect emerging projects and talent with people who want to buy from them. So, we’ve decided to introduce a brand new regular feature to highlight our top five buys. From fashion labels to beauty brands, experiences and stays, we’ll cover the exciting, the up and coming, the innovative and the ethical. Here are are top five buys for this week.

Maxi dress - Valle + Vik 

This is the winter of the maxi dress. Although at TGP we have a pathological hatred of tights perhaps we’ll do what is necessary to make a maxi happen this season. Valle + Vik is a London based lifestyle brand that specialises in stunning silk dresses, the kind that float fluidly and make you feel like the epitome of elegance. We’d recommend browsing the stargazer collection. Pair with a big coat, boots and hidden socks if hosiery is not your thing.

A sustainable knit - Genevieve Sweeney

Wool purchases can be guilt inducing these days, especially if you’re buying them from big brands with no ethical and sustainable credentials. Thankfully there are alternatives. Take Genevieve Sweeney, a brand committed to sustainable processes and ethical practices. Oh and the ideal option if 1970s vintage diva vibes are what you seek.

Oversized jacket - Budislava

Serbian designer Budislava Kekovic is well established in Belgrade but might be new to UK audiences. Her slouchy, oversized herringbone trench is the perfect buy for this time of year when the winter chill is really starting to kick in but you want to layer up your knits. This designer has a habit of creating sculptural pieces that have a monochrome simplicity to them. The perfect antidote to the identikit, low quality coats that tend to invade the high street around this time, this jacket has style and substance all in one.

Ultimate earrings - Anisha Parmar

This brand makes jewellery for the bold, confident & #BADASS woman - is that you? Well we’ve all got a bit of the badass in us. Seriously though these pieces are unique, creatively designed and using materials like acrylic and marble for a distinctive finish. And with prices starting at £18 for a bracelet and £30 for a pair of stud earrings there’s every reason to buy from this unique London brand rather than give your cash to Philip Green.

Beauty discovery - Prep Social app

If you struggle with the sheer volume of beauty brands and options out there Prep Social might be the tool for you. This app is designed to help you wade through the endless choices and find the products, services and content that are best suited to your needs. It’s designed to be inclusive so no matter what your skin colour, skin type, hair texture or age, you’ll be able to find options. From date night inspiration to tutorials and product recommendations, you can filter what you see to help make better decisions. There are lots of useless tech “tools” for better beauty out there today but Prep Social actually works.