Rocky Star AW19 Fashion Scout


Rocky Star's Fashion Scout show is known to be a crowd pleaser, and this season was no exception. Inspired by Vatican architecture and the Separation of Light from Darkness mural, Star's AW19 collection was full of theatrical flare.

The designer was interested in the romanticism between good and evil, and his collection was a medley of pieces inspired by darkness and light. This was showcased through Star's use of contrasting textures, such as chunky knitwear with bold sequin and quilted pieces. The Baroque inspiration of the collection was prominent, with elaborate ruffles, lace and gold embellishment elevating the pieces. Statement puff sleeves and high neck detailing hinted at historical silhouettes. Star's runway also referenced 20th century trends, with 80s rock chick-inspired skirts and 90s-style layering featuring prominently.

Despite its archival inspiration, AW19 was a thoroughly modern collection. Acid washed sweatshirts and a sheer sequin t-shirt dress hinted to the streetwear trend whilst still conforming to Star's opulent style. Glossy feathers and elegant brocade fabrics added to the runway's lavish luxe appeal. Whilst the overall look of the collection was gothic, clever styling was used to showcase the designs' softer side and proved that the dramatic looks remained wearable. The Rocky Star logo adorned several of the pieces showcasing that - after several bold collections - customers crave the brand in its own right.

While Star's previous collections have prominently showcased his Indian roots, AW19 transcended cultural boundaries and instead created a place where reality and fantasy merged to glorious effect. With his subtle progression away from his Bollywood roots and into the realms of high fashion, Star proved that different worlds can collide, and that we should all face our fashion demons in the pursuit of sartorial beauty.

By Alice Cruickshank. Images shot for us by Hannah Gordon-Smith.