Omniss AW19 Fashion Scout

‘At OMNISS, we don’t imagine the future, we create it. The future begins here.’

For AW19, OMNISS created a vision of a futuristic world; the year is 2050, and humans now live, work, and move alongside artificial intelligence, with various occupations now taken over by lifelike androids. From construction worker to hotel housekeeper, painter to police officer, inspiration was drawn from professional uniforms reinterpreted in a thought-provoking collection that was both conceptual and functional.

The brand’s founders Asya Ter-Hovakimyan and Francisco Zhou created the reality of OMNISS World as a response to influences in our present and an imagined vision of the future. Silhouettes were strong, with broad structured shoulders and streamlined tailoring alongside textured knits and metallic detailing in cinched and corseted waists. Panelled trousers held together with snap fasteners were paired with shaggy neon knitwear; twin robotic maids in rubber gloves wore matched frocks in red and black with a soft lapel, blouson sleeves, and a neckline slashed to the waist to expose the OMNISS logo stamped on their chests.

AW19 gave us a colour palette of bright contrasts against black, with acidic neons, utilitarian yellows, and pops of red to accentuate the engineered future against pared back tailoring.

The juxtaposition of industrial and soft organic forms showed the contrast between humans and our man-made counterparts. Models sported smooth bald heads stamped with the OMNISS logo, and a scannable QR code to allow viewers to interact with the ‘Dogville’ inspired set.

By Lucie Dhog. Images shot for us by Lucy Ranson.