Livia Tang AW19 Fashion Scout


London-based designer Livia Tang used her AW19 presentation to reminisce about childhood, with a delicate collection inspired by the relationship between twins.

The starting point of Tang's AW19 designs was historic images of sisters and brothers. The pieces were created to showcase a twin look using a series of double sided fabrics: indigo tweed, lilac houndstooth, and ivory linen jacquard.  The pairing of conventionally masculine and feminine fabrics like corduroy and lamé jacquard were used to represent sibling love. Blush pink and lilac were contrasted against blue and black to create looks that were equally harmonious and unique, further hinting to the relationship between twins.

Tang was inspired by Japanese fabrics, and floral prints - Japanese-style cuts featured across the collection.  The durability of sibling relationships motivated Tang to use sustainable fabrics, such as linen and recycled viscose. All beading and trimmings were crafted from natural materials, primarily jade and shell, with cord used as straps and fastenings. Tang's unique style often features detailing created by juxtaposed fabrics, and her AW19 collection was no exception. A pink gingham jacket was completed by a contrasting floral jacquard collar, and sky blue beading detail was used to provide interest and texture to a pink cord pinafore. Meanwhile, an androgynous black jacquard shirt was accentuated by blush pink and lilac shoulder panels.

The presentation provided a dreamy feel, harking back to days past and also to a fairytale land. There was a child-like playfulness to the staging and styling of the showcase. Models wore China doll-like make-up, with pouted lips and glowing pink cheeks, and these stylistic siblings took turns to serve up Japanese tea and blow bubbles. The womenswear designer also featured one male model in her lineup, hinting to the lack of gender constraints in childhood. Tang's work strives to explore her cultural cravings whilst showcasing genuine craftsmanship, and her AW19 presentation achieved this with understated romance. Her collection served as a snapshot of the simpler days of childhood, and with these whimsical pieces the designer implores us to take a softer approach to fashion as we look ahead to the new season.

By Alice Cruickshank. Images shot for us by Lucy Ranson.