Malene Oddershede Bach AW19 London Fashion Week

Danish born, London based designer Malene Oddershede Bach chose St Georges Bloomsbury Church as the venue for an ethereal AW19 London Fashion Week show that reignited our love of winter florals. A runway strewn with leaves rustled as the models moved serenely through set paces to display the simple but feminine collection dominated by dresses and skirts.

Live, soulful music supported the presentation of a collection presented under dappled light that grew from a colour palette that was about as autumnal as you can get. From black and shades of deep, berry red through to winter pinks, greys and yellow tones, each piece oozed elegant post-summer appeal.

If you’ve always doubted the relevance of the winter floral, this collection will convince you – almost every piece carried the motif, rippling on flowing dresses, climbing a two piece suit or wrapped around a gorgeous bandeau gown. Embellishment and embroidery continued the theme, which was sometimes expanded into the double floral – two floral prints in a clash of colour or style that somehow seamlessly integrated as one.

Sophisticated and inspiring, AW19 from Malene Oddershede Bach wasn’t revolutionary and yet breathed new life into what a designer can do with an autumnal theme where a smart eye for detail exists. It was one of those collections that will ease the pain of the end of summer and remind us that even during the darker months, fashion can still feel vibrant and alive.

By Alex Pett. Images shot for us by Kerry Curl.