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Belgrade London Fashion Week Showcase SS16, London Fashion Week, Fashion Scout

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A sensational showcase from a compilation of designers from Eastern Europe including Ana Ljubinkovic, Vlada Savic, Budislava, George Styler and Ivana Pilja. First to strike the catwalk were an array of dresses featuring traditional prints contrasted by strikingly modern cuts. A rather eclectic exhibition with models emerging with heavily painted golden faces and extravagant updos. Taking things right back to basics Vlada Savic and Budislava showcased garments which proved that less can sometimes be more, think feminine silhouettes, layering and graphic patterns. The finale of the show celebrated the more theatrical aspects of London Fashion Week with George Styker’s knitted bodysuits adorned with extravagant patterns and Ivana Pilija’s rather creepy bird like jacket paired with an outlandish cuboid skirt. 

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