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Bella Singleton - Ultra Modernity With A Classic Edge

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Sea of Beauty scarf - daffodil yellow

Bella Singleton Design is the eponymous brand of an accessories designer with an innovative outlook. London-based Bella has carefully crafted a label that offers prismatic accessories that achieve the perfect balance of statement eccentricity and refreshing simplicity. Her scarves have a colourful intensity, combined with a humble and artful eye for detail and perfectly illustrate the immaculate lines of contemporary digital print. Luxurious silk is used to give the bold pieces their sophistication – this is ultra modernity with a classic edge.

As Bella has recently joined The Glass Pineapple, we decided to grill her about her design process, her influences and why her scarves are the investment accessory for right now.

How would you describe the Bella Singleton aesthetic?

The aesthetic is a mixture of urban and feminine. Combining floral and nature-inspired illustration with sporty blocks and lines of bright colour.


Juno scarf - amethyst purple

What has influenced your designs?

I am always influenced by stories, fairytales and nature. I often draw from still life before I design from my imagination. No design is planned, each evolving organically.

What are the challenges for emerging designers and independent brands in today’s fashion market?

The huge variety of competition is definitely tricky when getting your name heard. When there is so much, it’s hard to be picky for buyers. Also it depends where you are based - I am in London which can be difficult financially in terms of starting up, but is great because this is where it all happens. It’s also where I feel my work ethic is at its strongest.

Luna scarf - manganese blue

What makes your brand different?

All the designs are based on hand drawn elements. I wanted to work with silk, as it shows up the fine details so well, but I also wanted to bring a new take on the traditional silk scarf by printing really contemporary designs. Many young people are interested in unique pieces nowadays as fashion trends fade so fast. Investment is key - pieces that reflect you are really becoming important again.

How would you describe your creative process?

Everything evolves without too much pause for thought, which sometimes I question - but it seems to work for me. I will draw and draw and then design and design, mixing things up. Sometimes it takes forever and sometimes it is right the first time. I know what works for the brand so everything is designed with this in mind from the start.

The Sea of Beauty scarf - Egyptian blue

Who is your ideal customer?

People with classic and sophisticated style like Olivia Palermo or Emma Watson. They make timeless pieces very on-trend.

How do you work with colour, fabrics and texture?

I have begun using fringing on some scarves which is a great addition to traditional print on silk, as the opposing fabrics and textures are interesting together. Colour is made in painting or on Photoshop - I usually draw in just black ink pens.

The Secret Garden scarf - India green

Tell us about your latest collection

My latest and first collection has stayed true to my love of drawing with pen. The fine details show my aesthetic as sharp and exciting; the colours are ones that I personally love too. I design what I like and then hope that others have the same taste, but I don’t my designs on just what I think people will like – if I did that I wouldn’t be passionate about what I am doing.

Tell us about something that inspires you

Aubrey Beardsley always has inspired me with his drawings. Floristry, botanical illustration and nature have always been hugely inspirational and with the internet and sites like Pinterest there is so much to be inspired by, it’s just never ending.

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Sia scarf - Sienna orange

The Lion's Eye scarf - mountain yellow


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