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Yes We Cannes! Our red carpet fashion heroes from Cannes 2016

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Once the fashion weeks are over, spring starts to feel like one long style show with an unrelenting schedule of events such as the Oscars, the Met Gala, the BAFTAs presenting endless opportunities for ballgowns and exceptional tailoring (if you're a celeb that is). Now we are in the middle of Cannes and, when we haven't been Googling the girls night out antics of Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham with rapt fascination, we have been drooling over the dresses on the red carpet. Here are a few of our favourites so far:


Bella Hadid in Roberto Cavalli

It seems like a Hadid is an obligatory feature for a red carpet event these days and here is Bella proving that blondes don't necessarily have more fun in this Cavalli frock that looks like it was made just for her. We can't see the shoes but a small part of us hopes that she's in bare feet - last year the festival chucked a group of women out because they were wearing flats during a showing of the film Carol and some celebs are going shoeless or flat this year in protest (although we suspect this Hadid of sporting Wang). 


Susan Sarandon in YSL Le Smoking

Do you know what's cooler than wearing a stunning gown to a red carpet event on the world stage? Not wearing one. Susan Sarandon is 69 and she's wearing Le Smoking. Not only does she look pin sharp but she's avoiding all the faff of an impractical and uncontrollable train on the windy ole French Riviera (we're looking at you Amal Clooney). Note: she's joined the flat shoes protest too.


Julianne Moore in Alexander McQueen

 If we had emojis on our keyboards this look would be: heart eyes - twinkle - muscle arm - red heart - red heart - preach hands - shooting star. It's just divine (and all McQueen), from head to toe.


Araya Hargate in Ralph & Russo

Araya Hargate (aka 'Chompoo' no, us neither) may be a relatively unknown face but no one is going to forget this Ralph & Russo gown. Part diaphanous cloud, part sheets of octopus suckers, it achieves the ideal balance of being challengingly directional and yet ripe with elegant lines in a feminine, flattering shade.


Kristen Stewart in Chanel

It's probably quite a challenge lining up against Blake Lively right now who just seems to be golden and glowing in everything she wears (good old pregnancy hormones). But Kristen's tomboy style gives her a cutting edge that suits this Chanel darkness perfectly. It's just a sheer shirt and an ankle sweeping skirt but with the Lagerfeld's design skills and Kristen's rocky edge, it's a celestial red carpet moment.  


Kirsten Dunst in Gucci

We're not sure Alessandro Michele can put a foot wrong right now and this delectable gown with its oversize poppies is proof positive of that. And is it just us or does K bear quite a resemblance to Cate Blanchett with this look - someone, who in our humble opinion, is pure red carpet clickbait. 


Emilia Schuele

This is German actress Emilia Schuele in what will be the best corset at Cannes 2016. It's classy, it's cool and there's no unsightly porn star overspill. We're not 100% sure about the skirt but you probably haven't even looked at that yet.

All images: Vogue 

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