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The art of dressing in a heat wave

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So it looks as though the weather gods have blessed us with a few weeks of bonafide summer and if you, like us, have been actually melting, you may be wondering how to navigate the perilous sartorial maze of looking half decent even though your eyebrows are sweating. Well, we’ve been ruminating on the clothes issue for a while now, and here’s what we concluded.

The Glass Pineapple Essential Heat-Busting Wardrobe

1. A good pair of sunglasses

An obvious one, but really: if you don’t have a decent pair of sunglasses at this point in life, you’re doing it wrong. Yes, everyone needs a crap pair that they bought for £5 at a festival, but those awful glasses are doing a terrible disservice to all those nice non-festival clothes. Also, at that point when your eye makeup calls it quits and runs off in search of a better life, you’ll thank yourself for having a really banging pair of sunglasses to hide behind.

Ozona sunglasses

 2. A one-piece swimming costume.

Ever wanted to just chuck yourself into a pool without all the faff of going through stuffy changing rooms and peeling all your sweat-sticky clothes off your even more sweat-sticky body? If you’re wearing a swimming costume as clothes, you can! Just shuck off that bottom layer and launch yourself into the nearest body of water. Job done.

Project 104 swimwear

 3. Lightweight shorts.

We’re all about the shorts in hot weather. One of the primary goals of dressing in a heat wave is surely to prevent overheated skin from getting all up in the business of more overheated skin and most skirts require a lot of leg crossing and pressing action to remain socially acceptable. Put on a good pair of shorts and your legs are free! Free to sprawl and splay and effectively stay as far away from each other as your proficiency in yoga will allow.

Eskay W shorts

Ombradifoglia shorts

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