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The Glass Pineapple’s holiday essentials

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(This (above) is the vibe we’re going for: Jerry Hall and Helmut Newton by David Bailey.)

Holiday clothes often seem to occupy their very own special place in a wardrobe, quite apart from general summer clothing and a world away from anything you’d normally wear. And obviously not just in terms of type, but style too.

There was a time when our holiday wardrobe was a motley, half-hearted and poorly matching assortment of panic-bought pieces we didn’t even like - but we were travelling later that day and just desperately needed shorts, any shorts at all – and the kind of generic international beach tat that you end up buying when you realise you forgot to bring anything even remotely climate-appropriate. This is the kind of clothing you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing in your actual life, with your actual friends, anywhere in your home country.

At some point, we realised that if we were ever to achieve a Jerry Hall (as above), it was time to stop living this bizarre sartorial double life and invest in clothing that we really did like. If you are still in this Jekyll and Hyde situation but you too aspire to Jerry Hall, you might want to consider at least these key pieces:

1. A sundress

Ditch that map of Italy print maxi dress and treat yourself to something you might even consider wearing to the park back at home (shirtdresses are great for this). Look for natural fibres – cotton, silk and linen are much cooler in the heat.

2. Swimwear

Nothing ages more quickly and irreparably than cheap swimwear. Upgrade yours with a statement one-piece or sporty bikini.

3. Sunglasses

With the caveat that it’s always worth having a budget backup pair for the beach (and partying), a well made pair of sunglasses will always make you feel like a proper grown up.

4. Sandals

Alongside flip-flops, a good pair of smart(ish) looking sandals is an essential for not feeling like a total bum if you head out to a smart(ish) bar or restaurant at night.

5. Handbag

Again, an essential for not feeling like a total bum. A small cross body bag that can comfortably stash your wallet, sunglasses and suncream will add instant polish.

6. Evening trousers

As the temperature dips and the mosquitos come out to play, a pair of breezy evening trousers is a great way to keep the little bastards at bay and still look put together.

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