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Trend watch: summer sheers

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Cast your memory back to September/October 2014 and you may remember various excitable headlines about the new sheer trend for spring/summer ‘15. It was on the catwalk, it was dark, it was dramatic, it was diaphanous, it was dreamy; but did it go anywhere? Fast forward to actual summer ’15 (yes, jokes about the English weather aside, it is summer) and how do you wear this stuff without a) basically just flashing people and b) looking like a rejected extra from an amateur interpretative dance troupe?

As fans ourselves of this wearable and exceptionally well-ventilated trend, we’ve compiled a few thoughts for how to make it work.

1. Monochrome is king.

One of the best things about sheer pieces is that they’re great to layer. Wear a long, sheer top over a short skirt or culottes and it won’t look like you’re naked from the waist down. This allows you to play with proportion in a very pleasing way, showing the full contrast between long and short or slim cut and oversized layers. Take full advantage of this by layering pieces all in the same colour, or for an even more dramatic contrast try stark black and white.

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2. Pick your battles.

All sheer errrything is a brave look, and requires really well considered (and definitely matching) underwear. For something lower maintenance and more understated, go for one or the other: a sheer top, or a sheer lower half. Good underwear, unless you own a slip (does anyone? Really?), is also a prerequisite for this – but only for the half that’s only on display.

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3. When in doubt, go for a sheer panel.

If you’re a little scared of going full sheer (and we don’t blame you), an artfully placed sheer panel is a great way to signal that yes, you are part of the sheer cognoscenti but no, you don’t want the attention. Also preferable if you’re after something work or meet-the-parents appropriate.

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