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Workout wear, Glass Pineapple-style

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Workout style. Workout. Style. Workout style? Loathe though we are to be ‘Instagram-ready’ at any and every given moment of our waking lives, we do have to admit that there’s something very enjoyable about not feeling like a total bum when you’re working out. Contrary to what low fat yoghurt adverts would have you believe, this is nothing to do with potentially looking appealing to a potential mate with whom you may potentially cross paths while sweating out a weekend’s worth of margaritas; rather, it’s first of all about making damn sure you’re wearing kit that doesn’t actively thwart your exercise of choice – and secondly, it’s about a sort of commitment to the activity in question, a statement to yourself that you’re taking it seriously, and taking yourself seriously, enough to invest in said kit.

With that in mind, we’d like to talk to you about three essential pieces that will make you feel awesome regardless of whether you make it off the sofa or not.

1. Leggings

Whatever sport/activity/movement of some description you prefer, a good pair of leggings is an essential. Not only are they wonderfully aerodynamic, they also have the benefit of showing off your hard-earned muscles. Hell, even if your exercise regime is basically just “going upstairs”, the right pair of leggings can give the glorious illusion of muscles, hard-earned or otherwise, which is its own special kind of motivation.

Get the look: LEGX.

2. A good, soft, comfortable t-shirt

Not for every sport, but an essential for cool down/warm up periods plus general lounging. Nothing, we repeat nothing, feels as magical next to overheated skin as a super soft jersey t-shirt.

Get the look: Monks on Vacation.

3. Swimwear

Obviously a prerequisite for actual swimming, we also get extra mileage from our swimwear all year round by wearing it as sportswear. An awesome, well structured one piece or bikini top can make you feel just that little bit snazzier during yoga (especially Bikram) or, well, any activity that doesn’t require industrial strength support.

Get the look: Project 104.

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