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Carol: our new style crush

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Aside from being by all accounts a truly brilliant film and a new high point of the already distinguished careers of both Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, there’s another reason we’re barely able to conceal our excitement about the upcoming release of Carol: the clothes.

Though at this point all we have to work with are the few official film stills as well as some dubitably authorised on-set shots, we’ve already fallen for the stately, polished 50s style of central figure Carol (Cate Blanchett - a long-standing GP girl crush). Oh, for the days of everyday red lipstick, little hats and drinking martinis with lunch! (The repression of women, sex and sexuality, not so much.)

Here are our top moments:

Baggy trouser suits.
OK, so we have to admit that we have a soft spot for trouser suits, incarnate these days mostly in cigarette and tailored slim legged styles. However, there is something deliciously elegant about the soft, loose fit of this quintessentially 50s silhouette – the epitome of sleek androgynous dressing.

Little hats!
Once a staple item, now confined solely to the wardrobes of women who go to Ascot or throw retro tea parties, nothing screams ‘NOT A SLOB’ quite like carefully pinning a tiny fabric box into your coif. For those of us who are definitely slobs, taking precious minutes out of our frantic morning scramble to attach a small hat to our skulls will sadly never be a viable option. But Carol, we salute you!

Red is everywhere: from the ubiquitous red lipstick to red capes, red accessories and red clothing. Are these flashes of crimson a visual metaphor for Carole’s (repressed?) passion/sexuality/anger/etc? Having not actually seen the film we have 100% no idea but frankly who cares – she looks amazing!



(Ugh, fur.)
OK, so it looks super glamorous and is obviously a product of the time but ugh. Can we stop with the fur now? Please?





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