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Autumn Trend Roundup

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Can you feel it? Autumn is in the air. The days of sandals, macramé and drinking in the park are over – it’s time to bring out those jumpers that have been sitting crying at the back of your wardrobe since before people started going to festivals.

So, we ask ourselves, what does the world of fashion hold in store for us now? We consulted the fashion cognoscenti (read: internet) and are here to report that these are the 4 looks you should definitely (maybe) consider sporting for autumn ‘15.

1. The 80s are back

[Image: Balmain via]

A pleasingly chronological progression from the brown suede 70s fest of spring/summer, this season is all about 80s style. Not that restrained, elegant stuff though: imagine Dynasty crossed with the Berlin club kid scene and you’re halfway there. Think saturated clashing colours, dramatic structured silhouettes, ruffles, metallics, velvet, and sequins – sequins everywhere.

 2. “Dark Victoriana”

[image: Alexander McQueen via]

Or in other words: Miss Havisham does goth. A perennial favourite of autumn/winter, the black/goth trend just keeps on giving. Subconsciously, are we all just participating in some kind of collective camouflage for an environment that gets dark at 4pm? Who knows! Black makes you feel slim, black makes you feel sexy, black hides stains from dropped canapés at the Christmas party. Long live black!

3. Soft tailoring

[image: Stella McCartney via]

A trend we can really get behind, this. Gone are the walk-impeding skirts, the circulation-obstructing skinny fit trousers; this time it’s oversized, billowing silhouettes with just enough structure to ensure you don’t look like a City worker who’s melted.

4. Maximalist jewellery

[image: Prada via]

And in particular, brooches. Oversized, over jewelled, under utilised. If you’re doing the 80s thing, this will add another blinding dimension to your already terrifying general glare; if you’re doing the other things, it’ll add a nice little pep to a diaphanous all black lace explosion or amorphous grey suiting.


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