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Paris fashion week trend report

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So Paris fashion week has ended, thus bringing to a close the bi-annual carnival of things that form the heart of the fashion calendar. As we sit here gasping, trying to make sense of the almost unfathomable volume of stuff we have seen – stupor-inducingly beautiful stuff, mind-manglingly awful stuff, and everything in between – we find ourselves for the last time pondering: which bits will survive the transition into the real world, like newborn sea turtles making the perilous and improbable passage towards their marine home?

All white

[pic: Balenciaga via]

Yes, we know. But bear with us – we’re talking about some achingly beautiful things here. Things we would sing love songs to on our little lutes, if we had the ability to do any of those things. From sheer and sporty fairy brides at Moncler Gamme Rouge to slinkily nonchalant modern flappers at Balenciaga, via deconstructed shirting at catwalk newcomer Jacquemus, we have never wanted to stock up on industrial quantities of Daz and throw caution to the wind more.


The slip dress

[pic: Celine]

For major trend bonus points, combine with the above. Like many so-called trends, this is a fashion perennial but we knew it was officially a thing as soon as we saw it at Celine, still the weathervane for what literally all fashion magazines will be trying to sell you over the next six months. And with good reason! Elegant, sleek, outrageously sexy and yet somehow effortless when paired with trainers and a leather jacket. Also spied at Balenciaga and, in a move that will come as a surprise to no one, Saint Laurent.



[pic: Dries Van Noten via]

No, don’t worry, this isn’t as awful as it sounds. We generally get that creeping hot flush of embarrassment when fashion tries to co-opt rave culture, but this is not that. This is grown-up, gorgeous clothing in dark and muted tones with refreshing flashes of bright neon, like a city sky at night. Look to Dries Van Noten, newcomer Vetements, Haider Ackerman and Louis Vuitton and dream. Look to Whistles and Cos IRL.


People as backpacks

[pic: Rick Owens via]

Just kidding! Unless you are Rick Owens, a circus performer, or an idiot, this is not a thing.

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