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Autumn style: a love letter

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Autumn is a season of many things: crunchy leaves, an Instagram feed that’s mostly mist, #PSL, drinking inside again. These are (mostly) all wonderful things. However, our favourite thing about autumn is getting dressed. Not literally the act of getting dressed, which often involves shivering angrily whilst trying to clamber into five different woollen items of clothing all at the same time; no, we mean the autumn wardrobe.

Think about it: everyone looks great in autumn, don’t they? Most human skin still has a healthy glow leftover from summer yet the tyranny of hotpants, macramé and crop tops is over; it’s possible to wear all black and look sleek and grown-up again without sweating out your own body weight; it is that most precious window of being able to cover up in slim tailored coats and jackets without needing to wear seven jumpers underneath.

Needless to say, we love autumn style. We’re not talking trends here, nor those relentless “celeb autumn style” features that are always – always – about wearing nine cashmere blankets, a boring hat and giant sunglasses over, well, who the hell knows? You’re wearing nine blankets.

We love autumn style because it’s the season where you can look the absolute sloppiest and the absolute most perfectly put together. One the one hand: slouchy jeans, tracksuit bottoms, leggings, oversized jumpers, hoodies, denim jackets and parkas. On the other hand: tailored trousers, blazers, shirts, trench coats, wool skirts and kilts, leather, medium denier tights, silk blouses. You can wear the best colours too! Though we must admit our wardrobe is principally a subtle gradient between black, navy blue, grey and white, we can appreciate the warm earthy tones and rich jewel shades that come out to play once the sun gets lower.

You can be whoever you want to be! A bum or a French fine art dealer, and anything in between. Options, freedom, mid-weight wool: that’s what autumn is all about.

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