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Sweet Things at Roksanda Illincic - London Fashion Week

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A fave of royals and first ladies alike, Illincic’s show was a sleek injection of modernity amongst grand Savoy splendour. With a colour palette that hit the senses where it thrilled, the collection evoked those confectionary delights commonly know as Starbursts, all tangy and tingly and sweet and tart (we have sweets on the brain, we need it to stop going hypa-glyclo with all the late nights!).

Through those colours we drank in a fruity mix of citrus; tangerine, lemon, tonal yellow on yellow, vermillion, midnight blue, dove grey and ye old faithful summer white. This girl has no fear of colour; she makes us believe!

(pics from

There was a definite 70’s feel to the show, but contemporised with interesting contrasting textures and fabrics. Dresses made us think of a sort of Martian prairie girl, necklines were high with an array of collars, from pointy to frilly clown like yokes, waists were accentuated and beautifully cut flared trousers glided by.

The mastery of the collection was in combining exquisite form flattering cuts with just-so graphical shapes in contrasting hues, so that her pieces swathed the body in a hypnotic fluidity.

Good news for us kids already in need of another dose of Illincic sugar is that she is one of the new roster of designers for Aldo Rise, which launches next spring.  Not long then 'till we can get our next fix...

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