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A Beguilingly Bonkers Spectacle of Imagination at Meadham Kirchhoff - London Fashion Week

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Imagine, metaphorically speaking, putting Marie Antoinette, Alice in Wonderland and Galliano circa 20 years ago, into a blender with a liberal sprinkling of Lacroix and a dash of Minnie Mouse, and you might go some way to depicting the scene that unfolded today at Meadham Kirchoff’s show. This was a spectacle of such imagination that it made our gay hearts come over all Shirley Temple!

Giving bounce to the flounce, this duo conjured up a beguiling yet bonkers mise en scene, as the girls did their turn sauntering through the floral boudoirs nibbling languidly on cake as they passed.

(pics from

An ode to Edwardiana, with lace stockings, frouffy pantaloons, bustles, billowing sleeves and bows ago-go. Throw in a denim cropped denim jacket here, or a mickey mouse tee there, and for some added shazam a retina dazzling array of jewel encrusted adornments.

The MK show put proof in the - plum duff or possibly Victoria sponge - pudding, that London does up-yours individualist style like no other city. Milan and Paris be afraid!

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