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Meet Glass Pineapple brand LEGX

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You may have seen on The Glass Pineapple the awesome work of LEGX, a Spanish brand specialising in ultra flattering, fashion forward leggings with an incredible diversity of style. We spoke to the label to find out a bit more about what they do and how they come up with their bold aesthetic.

Who is LEGX?
LEGX is a Spanish company specialising in avant-garde leggings. All designs are unique and are made in Spain.

How would you describe the aesthetic?
Our aesthetic is totally urban and avant-garde. Our leggings are very versatile, we create them to be worn on all sorts of occasions, not just for casual or the gym.

What has influenced your designs?
We always look for originality, because LEGX strives to be different. We do focus groups with people of different ages and tastes that provide inspiration in terms of themes and colors. We also incorporate trend led references as we're a brand that likes to be cutting edge.


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What makes your brand different?
Quality and aesthetic. Hours of research and and design go into every pair of LEGX. We think of every detail, from the part of the leg where the design will sit, the best colours for a flattering look, etc…

How would you describe your creative process?
Our creative process sometimes is a madness. Our design team is made up of graduates in arts and illustration, graphic designers and fashion experts. Each one brings their crazy ideas then we throw them together to see what takes shape. After that we hone our designs into something our customers will love. Wearability is key - there's no point creating a spectacular design if no one is willing to put it on.

Who is your ideal customer? 
Our ideal customer is a person of any age who loves color and dressing different. Daring and dynamic, they want to be comfortable while looking great. Although it might seem odd for a leggings brand, our customers tell us they love the elegance of our designs.

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How do you work with colour, fabrics and texture?
With the fabric, it's about thoroughly investigating the options and the way textiles perform in different weather and situations. Our current fabric composition is unique because it combines the best fit, colour and comfort without compromising on the fashion forward style.

Tell us about your latest collection
At LEGX we don't have a single collection, our collection is permanent. We are daring in terms of designs and colors, we like introduce new concepts so that everyone can find the perfect leggings for them. Our collection is eclectic and inspired by everything from the stained glass windows of a Cathedral, to Gaudi's architecture.

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