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Get your Goth on - Halloween Ideas Without The Horror Fashion

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It's that time of year again, when all the style rules go out of the window in exchange for something flammable and slutty or authentically horrifying but deeply unflattering.  Halloween tends to bring out the worst in us in so many ways – when else would you ever wear a tutu, a gimp suit or a unitard?

Whilst we don’t want to rain on your Halloween parades, at Glass Pineapple we've become rather bored of the same old staple costumes: 'zombie cheerleader' 'sexy witch,' ‘kitten,' 'zombie nurse,' ‘zombie sailor,’ 'zombie schoolgirl' (you get the idea) so we have been exploring a few different costume ideas that don’t involve too much polyester or unseasonal overexposure.

A Hitchcock Blonde – whether the late great Alfred Hitchcock had a thing for blondes or a hatred of them, his light haired leading ladies sure died some pretty horrible deaths throughout his cinematic career, from being stabbed in the shower to falling from a bell tower.  Whether you want to channel Kim Novak in Vertigo, Barbara Leigh-Hunt in Frenzy, or Janet Leigh in Psycho, there are plenty of grizzly endings to apply to some classic vintage fashion.

Brides of Dracula – Bram Stoker’s of course.  If you’re going to do Halloween horror then do it with style and opt for the sexiest of all the living dead.  Take a tip from Monica Bellucci and her fellow Brides of Dracula in Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 film.  In this version of Bram Stoker's Dracula the brides were hot, draped in Grecian style couture, blessed with long tumbling locks, dripping with gems and masters of the ‘come hither (and get bitten)’ stare.  Don’t forget your blood red lips and your fangs.

Coco Chanel – if you’re just not going to do the white face paint and fake blood then why not channel one of fashion’s most stylish dead icons.  A boucle skirt suit, some wide legged trousers, strings of pearls or a little black dress, accessorised with a long cigarette holder and a wry smile make this a much classier alternative to latex, rubber and netting.


Mad Men – strictly speaking, there’s a high probability that Betty, Joan, Peggy et al would have shuffled off this mortal coil by now, even if they gave up the whisky and cigs (and if they were real).  That gives you free reign to steal any of the characters’ style, providing you opt for a few corpse like features like overly-alabaster skin, dark circled eyes and blood red lips. 


Elizabeth Taylor – for those who are of the opinion that an opportunity to dress is an opportunity for OTT glamour then Liz is the perfect choice.  Since 2011, officially a resident of the afterlife, Liz werked a whole range of fabulous looks that you can steal, from a fresh-faced Velvet Brown to knowing Cleopatra.


Choupette Lagerfeld - not dead but a variation on the Halloween cat theme. Accessorise with your own Karl.

Andrew Gn Fall 12 (image from

Dark romance - it's officially an A/W 12 trend and makes Halloween a hell of a lot easier this year thanks to the abundance of Gothic lace, leather - we're also going for some corsetry - chiffon tulle and silk around right now. Throw in some berry lips and this season's smoky eye and you can do Halloween without a scrap of polyester in sight.

(image from Boom nails)

For those who just want a subtle nod to the event (and to avoid being labelled a cop out by all the other fake blood smeared zombies and witches) why not just get spooky nails - Boom nails ( do a great line in Draculas, witches and ghosts.

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