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Erase and Rewind – A review of celebrity-inspired street style in 2012

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It’s been a big year for sartorial experimentation and we have a lot of people to thank for sparking the street style trends that exploded in 2012, leaving us dizzy amidst clash couture, ‘90’s nostalgia, curiously coloured coifs and braided extensions…

Grimes – Edgy and undone

There’s nothing like a little electro to make us regress to (cooler, contemporary versions of) our grungy ‘90’s uniforms of caps, baggy baseball jackets, dungarees and candy-coloured streaks a la Avril Lavigne.  Claire Boucher (better known as Grimes) has a rough and ready aesthetic that contradicts her poppy, saccharine vocals and makes for a graphic tough girl look that many a trendy aspired to imitate.  Think caps, camo prints, denim cut-offs, oversized everything, gothic-style flowing maxi’s worn with combat boots.  Conceptually cool grunge – early Marc Jacobs pre-Ugly Betty.

Azealia Banks – Sweet and Street

The Harlemite rapper made waves with her no-holds-barred lyrics, her sexy, urban stylings and signature jewel-tone locks.  Her debut LP ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’ is an apt description of her covetable style that channels editorial luxe without losing street cred.  Her crop tops, halter necks, bold stripes, Disney-inspired sweatshirts and salacious Morticia Adams take on gothic dressing are a blogger’s delight.  MAC was quick to take note of the rapper’s appeal and collaborated with her on the amplified plum-hued "Yung Rapunxel" lipstick.

Iggy Azalea – Custom couture

The newbie Ozzie rapper sports extra long platinum blonde hair, candy colours, graphic prints, cropped tops, statement jackets, chains and embellished chokers.  There’s an unmistakable ‘bad girl’ look that’s mixed in with a bit of teenage pop princess and cleverly ironic smatterings of couture.  Versace shirts are worn with leopard print leggings – the more clash the better.  It’s a tricky look to pull off as every piece is attention-grabbing in its own right.  This is as fashion forward as street style gets, the words ‘go big or go home’ come to mind.

Solange Knowles – Playful prints and ethnic edge

There was no escaping the drool-worthy fashion musings of the princess of print.  The younger Knowles sister emerged as the surprise street style icon of the year in vibrant short suits, bright silks and fluorescent knits with a strong ‘60’s flavour.  This urban/ethnic undertone ignited the penchant for batik wax prints, hip-skimming braids and larger-than-life jewellery.  Think Marni, Miu Miu and Opening Ceremony meets handcrafted holiday market wares.

And if you thought such looks couldn't translate to the streets then think again…

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