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Christmas Gift Guide

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Are you one of those people who buys all their Christmas presents months and months in advance and has a whole special drawer just full o’ ribbons? No? Us neither. In that case, as mid December beckons, you’re likely starting to panic as the moment of gift-giving draws near and you realise you haven’t bought £$%^ for anyone.

So, in the spirit of giving etc, let us give you some ideas for things you can give to other people. Lovely things made by lovely independent designers. Lovely things that will give the impression that you’ve put loooooads of effort into this whole gift shebang.

Under £50: Small items for outer circle friends, distant cousins, and anyone else you’ve put on a limited profile setting on Facebook and are for some reason obligated to include on your gift list. (Or, if you’re broke like we mostly are, this category’s for everyone!)

[pic: A leopard pouch]

For teens/festival lovers, body jewellery is bang on-trend. It’s impossible to screw up a cute beanie, hand-stitched organic cotton scarf or statement necklace that will go with basically everything. Not sure of someone’s style? A beautiful wooden phone case or leopard pouch combines form and function so even if you’ve misjudged the look, it’s sure to get some use anyway.

£50-100: Mid-level gifts for members of your family you don’t see all that often but do genuinely love, treasured colleagues, long-suffering housemates, close specific situation friends and all those people who are actually great but probably confined to one part of your life.

[pic: iPhone cover]

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the giving or receiving of jumpers so here’s a super cute raccoon one for people who like both animals and being warm. Otherwise, in that crucial category of ‘lovely things you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself’, how about a super luxe tee or beautiful wooden iPhone cover?

£100 and over: Next-level gifts for parents, siblings, any family member you adore, BFFs, lovers, all-round top mates and people you’re really, really, really trying to impress.

[pic: A luxury silk scarf in an awesome print]

OK, so you really want to spoil someone. Lucky them! A luxury silk scarf in an awesome print will brighten up the dreary, cold winter. In a similar vein, who has ever said no to a pure cashmere jumper? No one ever, that’s who. Fancy sunglasses are a good bet for ski bunnies and winter sun seekers, and if you’re going all out, a one of a kind handbag is hard to beat.

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