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Milla Jovovich’s top fashion moments

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At long last the day has arrived, that magical day whereupon we give thanks for the birth of an international icon and inspiration to us all. That’s right: this week, Milla Jovovich was born. Now 39, the actress and model has shocked, delighted and confused us with a whole spectrum of get-ups, so in her honour we will celebrate five of the most memorable.


Dazed and Confused (1993). Cult coming of age film featuring a host of now-extremely familiar faces including Matthew McConnaughey, Ben Affleck and Parker Posey looking all young and un-varnished by Hollywood’s relentless grooming apparatus. As for Jovovich, her guitar playing hippie teen almost makes us want to start plaiting our hair and wearing tube tops again. Almost.

No. 4

Alberto Biani (1997). A quick Google image search of Milla reveals an abundance of androgynous, menswear inspired looks. Such as this, for Italian label Alberto Biani. Have we mentioned how much we love menswear on women? Now may be the time to bring that up. We love it, and Milla looks badass. Put that cigarette down though, girl. No? OK. Carry on.

No. 3

Resident Evil (2002). This is so quintessentially late 90s/early 00s. Look at that tank top with the asymmetric hem! It’s definitely made of that very particular fabric, you know the one, ubiquitous in Etam and Miss Selfridge, which was scratchy and stretchy and produced static electricity every time it made contact with your hair. Plus skinny fit knee boots! This look has it all.

No. 2

The Fifth Element (1997). Legally, no one is allowed to talk about Milla Jovovich without mentioning The Fifth Element. That’s a fact. But even if it weren’t a punishable offence, we would still include this. Bodycon, bandage dresses and cutout details all trace their genealogy back to this hallowed moment.

No. 1

The Fifth Element premiere at Cannes (1997). Nothing will ever top this. Look at that baffling hair, those improbable shoes, that weird boob necklace. Still the gold standard for award show dressing. All hail Queen Milla.

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