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SS13 Trend – How To Wear Stripes and Checks

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Linear Graphics pop up year after year thanks to the bold patterns that naturally lend themselves to statement-worthy designs. In 2013 this trend has gone into overdrive, so much so that we have felt the need to write a second blog about it.

Louis Vuitton checks...

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Possibly the most high profile example of front line linear graphics are the now infamous 'Louis Vuitton checks,' which we covered on this blog back in January and during the shows themselves in October last year.  The chessboard pattern became an over night sensation on playsuits, dresses and shorts in a rainbow of colours, and so committed was the label to this trend that it was even reflected in the white and yellow windowpane check flooring.

However, Louis Vuitton isn’t the only fashion powerhouse walking the linear route this season, as the trend is being widely disseminated and in lots of diverse incarnations.

Moschino sixties stripes

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Moschino earned its fashion stripes with a sixties inspired collection that built bold contrast stripes and lines into virtually every look, incorporating a range of colours, styles and bright accessories for maximum impact.  The collection, shown in Milan, was a demonstration of the versatility of stripes, sending them every which way, incorporating them as contour and boldly going for all over black and white coverage whilst still managing to avoid looking like an American football referee. 

Jonathan Saunders holographic stripes


Image from goodmorningangel.blogspot

Jonathan Saunders added a holographic twist to his stripes, appealling to the magpie in us all by throwing reflective material into the mix, as well as a magnitude of shades. Simple hair and makeup allowed the statement pieces to command all the attention and flashes of bare skin provided the perfect context.

The metallic shades added a new depth to the classic stripe, whilst the linear shape kept the shinier fabric toned down. From horizontal white against silver to vertical green on pewter, the shades perfectly complimented each other. On paper this brash combination shouldn't work, but we're finding it irresistible. 

Todd Lynn organic stripes


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Todd Lynn’s linear stripes ran over the bodies of the models on his SS13 catwalk.  Less defined and more organic, this was a take on the trend that was more about stripes that made up a part of a whole than attention grabbing, in your face lines (other than the Zande dress...).  These graphic statements adorned pencil straight mid length skirts, tailored separates and dresses, adding the depth and feel of a split oak tree to otherwise simple cuts and drawing flattering contours across the models’ bodies. 

The eclectic mix

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If you are of the ‘go big or go home’ school of thought then Aquilano.Rimondi’s take on linear graphics is going to be right up your street.  The Italian label presented the perfect print mix up of linear graphics: horizontal and vertical chessboard effect and monochrome stripes in the same outfit. There should be too much going on and too many trends clashing together, but the boldness of the graphics, the simple monochrome colour palette and clever use of bold colour in blocks makes this look pulse racing as opposed to heart stopping. Aquilano.Rimondi’s mostly dress based collection certainly isn’t for the faint hearted, but if you want to wear your commitment to every aspect of this trend on your sleeve then this is the option for you.

When it comes to linear graphics whether you take your inspiration for this trend from the bold checks of Louis Vuitton, play with Jonathan Saunders’ metallics or Aquilano.Rimondi’s eclectic mix ups, make sure you earn your fashion stripes this.

Words by Georgia C Wood ( and GP

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