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Why We Love: Scandinavian Minimalism

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Acne image courtesy of Fashion Wilkia

An unmistakable nod towards accomplished designers of Scandinavia is redefining the industry with craftsmanship techniques, utility textiles and a sleek aesthetic identifying a new era of simplicity. This is exemplified by labels like Wood Wood, Anne Sofie Madsen and Henrik Vibskov, who all reflect a cohesive Scandinavian cool.

Anne Sofia Madsen image courtesy of Fashion 156

A strong, edgy palette of chalky grey tones, crisp whites and charcoal blacks symbolise the hues emerging from Scandinavian designs. Simple yet bold architecture and serene landscapes are the key design influences, resulting in sharp lines and overall precision. Whether these designers are well-established or up-and-coming, they all share a passionate commitment to a refined design style with an iconic simplicity, attention to detail and high-quality.

COS image courtesy of The Women's Room

Swedish brands like Acne and COS represent modern minimalism at its best with crisp lines and block colours, whereas Norwegian designer Veronica B. Vallenes is more extravagant with her colour combinations, prints and fabrics, reflecting a distinct signature expression, situated between Nordic ease and Parisian elegance. One label at the head of a new Danish wave in fashion is Wood Wood, who have stamped their mark in the industry with contemporary, wearable staples and a sharp collision between high-fashion and street wear.

Wood Wood SS13 image courtesy of Glamour Blog

Wood Wood demonstrates a high-quality approach with trench coats adding a classic undertone against their more preppy designs which embrace playful varsity jackets, chinos and t-shirts. Their well-designed pieces embody the typically Danish blend of underground street wear and high end apparel, representing a distinctive Scandinavian ease.

Samuji image courtesy of Rayney Town

Finnish designers like Samuji echo an organic mood with subdued cool colours, effortless styling and a reflection on our universe. With Scandinavian weather usually cold, the colours used in their collections mirror this, with dusky greys and blacks being signature shades throughout. Their designs ooze a contemporary vibe with sleek tailoring and a sprinkle of femininity.

Veronica B. Vallenes image courtesy of Vanilla Scented

A new movement has evolved with Scandinavian fashion at the fore-front, reinforced with their strong sub-cultural aesthetics and designs built on recognisable classics. We are increasingly influenced by their ‘less is more’ philosophy and with heritage as a key inspiration, Nordic designs are fresh, organic and radiate a high-quality approach. And for this very reason, staple pieces from renowned and up-and-coming Scandinavian designers are already trickling seamlessly into our wardrobes. 

Words by Lauren Estill

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