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London Fashion Week: Bernard Chandran SS14

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Image courtesy of Idol Magazine

Despite the quite frankly awful weather outside on the first day of London Fashion Week, inside the Freemasons Hall the pre-show environment for Bernard Chandran’s SS14 collection was steamy. A combination of body heat and anticipation made for a heady atmosphere in advance of the presentation by Malaysia’s unofficial ‘King of Fashion.’ 

If you were ever looking for a definition of ‘jewel bright’ then the fabrics used by Chandran for his SS14 collection are pretty much on the nose. Built into the designs was the distinct aroma of Southeast Asia, with cerulean blues, ruby reds, fuchsias, emerald greens, oodles of gold and a whole jeweller’s worth of fantastically opulent shades strutting out under the lights. One element of the pieces that we absolutely loved was the embellished structures – stiff sparkling costume gems, often replacing parts of the outfits themselves, almost the equivalent of gem bondage or a semi precious skeleton.

Whilst these were gowns and evening looks without a doubt, some of the detail was far more casual – checks, caplets  jumpsuits and tight tailoring with more than a whiff of Westwood meant the looks would translate from catwalk to pavement, if not to the office. Flounces, fluting, bell sleeves, several gowns with billowing skirts and  one sided bustles brought the detail and super sparkly, handmade headwear (in one case complete with headphones) capped off the looks perfectly. Cutouts, asymmetric lines and what looked like plastic embellishment ensured that the looks were entirely up to date - that and the iPod of course. When Chandran emerged for a quick bow at the end we heard someone say of him ‘wow good looking’ and that pretty much sums up his SS14 collection – damn attractive.

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