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London Fashion Week: Yeashin SS14

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Image courtesy of Fashion 156

It was the warmth of summer sunshine and the idea of a garden overflowing with guests for a seasonal party that provided the inspiration behind the Yeashin SS14 collection.  And in the historic Freemasons building to a soundtrack of Parisian accordion music a lavish tale of an eighteenth century French princess began to unfold. It was all very Marie Antoinette.

Fabrics that encapsulated the whimsical fairytale feeling of the show included silks, organza, satins and lace, and ultra-feminine embellishments and embroideries awakened the dreamy silhouettes – ruffles, pleats, bows, pearls and beautiful braiding. Adornment proved to be key throughout; empire line dresses with delicate, flowing chiffon pleats, leaf appliqué on satin dresses, balloon sleeves, ruffle trims and bows hanging from shoulders and elbows, not to mention jaunty little top hats and doll-like sailor hat crowns.

Image courtesy of Fashion 156

Along with the perfectly princess style festivity came the sugary oh so sweet candy colours - soft pinks, baby blues, buttermilk yellows and mint greens. What’s a princess to be seen in if she isn’t in pastels? Accessories were almost non-existent, except for the occasional headwear piece and staple nude hued stilettos, and make-up followed a similar vein of youthful, simple style, with just a fresh rosy glow painted on the cheeks.  Simple, sweet style.

Show report by Katie Farley.  Edited by GP

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