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Festival Fashion 2016

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Anyone who has ever stood knee-deep in runny mud, mainlining cider and herbal highs to try and forget the trauma caused by a five day old portaloo will know that the festival experience is in this country can go either way. However, with not a drop of rain forecast for Glastonbury this weekend it looks like this might be one year when the weather, at least, will be on side (you’ll never fix the portaloos though). While boots are still a must, with sun on the agenda, your festival fashion 2016 doesn’t have to revolve solely around all things quick dry and waterproof. Whether you’re aiming for edgy and eccentric or something more classic, we’ve got some suggestions for festivalwear so cool everyone will think you’re with the band.



Gabriela Alexandrova Paris Hat Festival Fashion

Gabriela Alexandrova Paris Hat

Apparently bucket hats are making a comeback this summer but unless you’re Bez we suggest steering clear of anything with too much of a vintage 90s feel (NO CAMO). Instead, try this flower hat from Gabriela Alexandrova Paris – part seventies nostalgia, part colonial styling and 100% chic protection from unattractive sunburned ears.



Georgiana Scott Hoop Earrings Festival Fashion

Georgiana Scott Hoop Earrings

When it comes to accessories and festivals, the bigger the better and Georgiana Scott – one of the recent additions to The Glass Pineapple – does an exceptional line in festival-ready oversize hoops. Choose from simple silver or gold, or make this a festival week(end) to remember with chiseled diamonds looped through your lobes.


Slip Dress

A La Robe Slip Dress Festival Fashion

A La Robe Slip Dress

A good slip dress is a festival basic – quick drying, great for avoiding bad tan lines and easy to layer up (you can also sleep in it if you really want to push the boundaries of basic hygiene). It’s also the kind of garment that will help you channel 'ethereal goddess' as the sun rises over the Stone Circle at 6am. A La Robe does a range of superb slips, including shorter hemlines if you’re concerned about portaloo logistics.


A Knit

Tvortz Knits

Tvortz Knit

The nights can get chilly down on the farm and, unless you’re planning to consume enough cider to create a booze jacket for your slip dress, then you’ll need a knit or two. Tvortz does a great line in cosy, stylish knits, from the marl grey knit set to the oversize coat. You can avoid the ‘I’m wearing a duvet’ look but still be as warm as toast with this savvy Kiev brand.


A statement dress

Deborah Campbell Atelier Dress

Deborah Campbell Atelier Dress

On the last day of the festival you’re going to feel pretty crap – the end is nigh, you’ve consumed far too many smoothies than is healthy for one person and they’ve kept you up all night. See off your post festival blues with a statement dress in a bold shade for the last few hours of portaloos and falafel binges. This one from Deborah Campbell Atelier (currently 50% off) is made from silk and will make you feel a million dollars even if you’ve haven’t been anywhere near a bath for a week.



Longstaff Longstaff Lacewing Silk Shorts

Longstaff Longstaff silk shorts

Leave your Daisy Dukes at home this summer because when it comes to festival shorts it’s about daydreaming designs, not denim. Pajama shorts – the more whimsical and feminine, the better – should be your short trousers of choice. For a little bit of luxury, when a memory foam mattress just seems like a far off dream, opt for silk shorts, preferably in a buttercup yellow and emblazoned with fluttering butterflies like these.



Veronica Beard Jumpsuit

Veronica Beard Jumpsuit

The ultimate no fuss festival piece, a jumpsuit will see you through hell or high water from Glasto, to Reading, to any middle class boutique event you’d care to take your refurbed VW along to. No muffin top woes, or constant wrenching of waistbands up or tops down - a jumpsuit is as comfortable as it is sleek. Given the associations with Top Gun and Farrah Fawcett there’s no hiding in a jumpsuit so we’d suggest something bold like this Cheetah print, one shouldered design from Veronica Beard. Go disco to really bring it to life.



Freyrs sunglasses

Freyrs Sunglasses

If you’re a labels queen when it comes to sunglasses then, unless your overnight accommodation is of the Winnebago variety, leave the pricey pairs at home. Hailing from Chicago ($5 worldwide shipping y’all) Freyrs offers every possible variety of sunny from a very purse friendly $9 up. Best of all, some of the designs are bone fide mental so you’re guaranteed to stand out from the Ray-Ban wearing herd.

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