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Desirée Slabik

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Desirée Slabik Life After People

Desirée Slabik Life After People (Image: Kaltblut

German designer Desirée Slabik graduated in MA Fashion Design Technology (Womenswear) from the London College of Fashion in 2016. Her ‘Life After People’ graduate collection was inspired by a post-apocalyptic, future perspective vision of the world – imagining the earth without its human inhabitants. The resurgence of nature, repopulating urban areas and covering man made constructions, produced a textural and brightly coloured collection with a futuristic, almost extra terrestrial, 3D feel.

 Desirée Slabik

Desirée Slabik SS16

For SS16, the designer went down the rabbit hole, drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts who has her servants paint all the colourful roses in her garden white. This blank canvas shade forms the basis of the collection which focuses on the white shirt shift, subtle tailored details and brief splashes of horticultural colour.

Desirée Slabik Life After People

Desirée Slabik Life After People (Image: Kaltblut

Although a relative newcomer, all of Desirée Slabik’s work so far has come with a seriously thought through story. Talents in knitwear and a love of colour, construction and print mean the designer has learned all the most traditional of skills. Combine this with a willingness to embrace design technology and you have the inklings of a fashion pioneer who could do great things.


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