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 Why are we crowdfunding?

The campaign is designed to raise funds to create a simple, satisfying way to buy from new labels, with the sophisticated customer service you'd expect from premium online fashion retailers. Emerging designers need up front investment to go into production but most established retailers don't focus on emerging talent. Which leaves a large pool of labels and designers disconnected from those who would love to buy from them. We want to open a channel between emerging labels and customers.

If you'd like to get involved then visit our crowdfunding page on Indiegogo - we're grateful for all the support and happy to answer any questions about why we're doing what we're doing. If you're media or a blogger and want our press pack then get in touch.

Coralie Marabelle

How did we get here?

The Glass Pineapple was created because we wanted to buy exciting fashion from emerging and independent designers at the right price. But we couldn't find it - or we couldn't afford it.

Three years ago we started going to emerging designer catwalk shows, events and presentations to cover new talent for our Instagram and blog. We explored showrooms, design studios and communities and we found so many awesome designers. But finding them took a long time, shipping costs were high and there was often a lack of product info, no option to return and little customer service.

So, we decided to open an online store to house these awesome fashion talents and make it easier for new designers to reach people who want to buy emerging fashion – at prices that work.

The big obstacle we came up against was money – new designers are as bootstrapped as we are. They need up front cash payments from retailers to go into production. Right now, the number of retailers offering this to new labels is very low. So nobody wins – not the designers who want to sell or fashion lovers who want more choice. And that’s why we’re here.

Kitty Joseph

What is The Glass Pineapple?

This campaign is designed to raise funds to create a simple, satisfying way to buy from new labels, with all the sophisticated customer service you'd expect from premium online fashion retailers. It will enable us to bring to life an online store with:

  • Lots of emerging and undiscovered designers in one place – no need to spend hours tracking them down online
  • Innovative, creative and exciting aesthetics - from modest and minimal, to outlandish and bold
  • New labels and brands for all budgets – buying from emerging designers doesn’t have to break the bank
  • Free UK shipping and returns, great customer service – buy from unknown labels with peace of mind
  • The opportunity to invest in the brands whose values you believe in – ethical, sustainable, body positive, hand made, whatever you want to support you’ll find a label to love on our site
  • More insight into the size and style that’s right for you – online changing rooms, video, images, full info; fewer returns means less hassle and more labels to love

Agnes Nordeholz

We also believe that there’s a place in fashion for promoting a kinder and more collaborative approach that embraces diversity, inclusivity and openness without any compromise on aesthetics and style. You don’t have to be a certain age, skin colour or size to wear innovative pieces and look amazing  - we think it’s time to stop telling people that you do.

Naya Rea

Why we need your help

We’re looking to raise £45,000 to launch our store - and here's where it will all go:

Buying and coverage £30,000

Website development £9,000

App development and student work £6,000


Iden Denim

What will the money do

Primary goals:

Help us to buy wholesale – big online and offline stores make only limited investment in unknown brands, which is why it’s often difficult to find new labels and designers. That’s also why it’s seriously tough for new labels to get off the ground. Buying wholesale means we can give these brands that up-front cash investment they need, offer our labels a fairer deal and help them to overcome the obstacle of up-front production costs.

Upgrade our website so it’s specifically designed for emerging labels – see what a dress looks like on you, have a look at it as part of an editorial shoot, see it on a model, find out where the fabric came from, understand why the designer chose this silhouette. Changes to our website will make buying more immersive and enjoyable, a way to discover new brands, make the right purchase and get inspired. For example: video for every item, shoppable video, images from all angles, integration of online changing room tech, a wealth of brand content that enables you to learn all about the label, its motivation, production techniques and story.

Enable us to expand the coverage we provide and the designers we reach - we spend a lot of time and effort on finding new labels and with this support we can do so much more. Have a look at our Instagram to see what we've already achieved.

New talent Katie Anne McGuigan shot by photographer Kerry Curl for us at Fashion Scout SS18

Secondary goals:

Develop the TGP app – early-stage creatives (designers, photographers, MUAs, stylists, writers) often struggle to get into the industry and we think it’s a bit of a waste that it’s so very hard. With your help we can start developing an app designed to support new talent in building careers, from making connections to key people, to hosting a portfolio and searching for answers to key questions such as “how to shoot a runway show.”

Enable us to start working with students – fashion graduates are the next generation but they don’t get a lot of support. Moving from graduation to production is a huge challenge and we figured we could help there too. With your contributions we can launch a graduate competition and fund production of a capsule collection for the winner to sell via our site.

Alexandra de Curtis

What’s in it for you?

Rewards! We have a huge archive of fashion images we can convert into wall prints and a wealth of knowledge and expertise we can offer to help you find fashion to love. Plus, our rewards feature some exclusively discounted products from some of our designers and fashion experiences – including a trip to London Fashion Week – and of course the opportunity to be part of helping to build an inclusive and supportive community of emerging fashion talent.


Back us if you:

  • Love emerging fashion and want to buy more of it at prices you can afford and to fit your shape
  • Want to drive more positive messaging and embrace the kinder, more collaborative side of fashion
  • Want a better online buying experience that gives you all the information you need to find the right size and style
  • Want to be the first to know about emerging labels and up and coming brands from all over the world
  • Are keen to support growth at the early stages of the industry, from graduates, to stylists and photographers trying to get established

Clio Peppiatt

Risks and challenges

Our store has been three years in the making. That’s three years of travelling to showrooms, fashion weeks, designer studios and graduate shows and being exposed to a very wide range of emerging talent. We believe we’re very well placed to be a channel between exciting labels and people who want to buy from them (take a look at our Instagram for the evidence). However, we recognise that every venture has risks and challenges. Perhaps the biggest challenge we face is ensuring that our website is fit to cope with demand and incorporates the new technology we are planning to use to make our buying experience better. We also face the usual challenges of any clothing retailer in terms of ensuring supply and delivery at the right time and buying seasonally six months ahead. 

Our Designers

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