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Conceived in 2014 by Sila Ioane, launched in 2015, Siladora is a creative collaboration; an art to fashion concept. Through working with artists from different spheres - painters, illustrators, photographers, performers and models – the brand’s aim is to create unique and beautiful fashion accessories.

Brought up surrounded by artists, Sila came to be inspired by these offbeat thinkers - those who had a talent to make beauty with their own hands and artistic skill. Sila wanted to create a brand that encouraged emerging artists by presenting an opportunity to create something that they feel is progressive and develops their portfolio of work; and take the art beyond the few that may visit a gallery to others who also admire a piece of beauty.

For the first season Siladora showcases two emerging English illustrators, Sarah Maycock and Tim McDonagh, along with the young South African photographer Matthew Paul Thomas. Each design is printed on the finest fabrics and finished in Como, Italy. Our scarves come packaged in a lookbook showcasing this season’s collection.

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